1. ladragonaria:

    Any salad can be a Caesar salad if you stab it enough

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  2. troyesivanandstarbucks:

    I have never related so much to something.

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  3. mysticaljew:

    when you get insulted and you pretend like it doesn’t hurt:



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  4. "better get off Tumblr now"


    image"but wait what is that?!"

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    im sick of the lies

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    This was the best thing Rihanna ever did or said and if you disagree I don’t want to know you

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  5. spenceromg:

    Nothing gives me more anxiety


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  6. dejacoendou:



    Do twins have the same sized dick?

    now we’re asking the real questions

    As a twin, I can say my dick is definitely bigger than my sister’s.

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  7. kanyewestevil:

    schools have stairs so you can throw yourselves down them

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  8. At what age did you lose your virginity?


    I never lost mine, I just absorb other peoples’, making my virginity grow stronger and stronger in preparation for the final battle. 

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  10. octobra:

    sorry mom you’ve hit ask limit

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  11. artichokehold:

    simba got a new maine

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  12. claydols:

    ohana means family. family means having your life choices questioned and your flaws pointed out to you

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